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Ready or not, here it comes! Halloween is only two days away! Have you made your party plans? You may be looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit without having to dig deep into your wallet. With a little bit of help from your friends at CoffeeAM, you can do just that! At this time of year, sitting down and telling scary stories, and/or watching scary movies is a popular pastime. But, have you ever watched or heard “spooky” tales, and thought to yourself, “I could do this so much better!” Well, this year, we are giving YOU a chance to give us your best shot—literally—with your coffee as the star. At CoffeeAM, we are holding our first Halloween-themed, social media photo contest! Here’s what you need to do in order to enter for your chance to win a FREE package of our Monster Mashup Coffee Collection! Without further ado, this is how you’ll Boo Your Brew! 1. Set the Scene Your photo should tell a story. Every good scary story starts with the right setting. It doesn’t have to be gruesome to send chills down your spine. Imagine eerie lighting, dark color tones and shadows, and deep contrast—whatever you feel will have the most impact, while still being in good taste. Most importantly, we want your cup of coffee to be clearly visible, and to be the main character in the image. Feel free to get your friends and family in on it, and add human characters as you see fit. Please note, that you MUST use coffee from CoffeeAM. 2. Snap the photo Once the scene is set, and the characters are in place, take the photo! Remember, if you want to capture the audience’s attention, tell a good story through your image. A striking visual, oftentimes, can communicate a message even better than words. You want to start a conversation, without being offensive or too disturbing. 3. Share it! Head over to our Facebook page, and post your perfect picture to our wall using the hashtag #BooYourBrew. In your submission, please tell us exactly what type of coffee is involved, and also very briefly tell us about the image—anything you want to share about what’s happening, or maybe what inspired you. Are you ready?? Get your submissions in as soon as possible, as we will be announcing the winner tomorrow on Facebook! We can’t wait to see what you have brewing! Here’s your chance to prove that you’re the real king or queen of Halloween!
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