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About Organic Coffee

Organic coffee has been propagated, grown, processed, transported, stored and roasted without coming in contact with any potentially harmful chemicals.  When grown organically, there are no pesticides or herbicides on the plants, in the air or in the soil anywhere near the coffee plantation.  This protects the health of not only the consumer, but the health of the farmer, the workers and the environment. As consumers, we have to remember that the outer shell called the fruit, the bean is is tucked safely inside, is thrown away. Still after that, we dry, grind and cook the bean at very high temperatures, but do not actually eat the bean itself meaning that very little, if any at all, chemical residual has made it into our coffee mug. Farmers who could not afford pesticides and found ways around using them originally grew what we now call organic coffees. Their quality was often spotty, but their idea sparked a revolution. Today we have progressive international organizations that teach coffee growing communities how to grow amazingly delicious organic coffee as they monitor the process very closely. The farmers in turn receive more money, better resources and the community and environment is protected from potentially harmful chemicals. Anyone can sell organic coffee, but only Certified Organic Coffee Handlers and Processors can legally roast organic coffees in house. Why do you want to buy from certified handlers and processors? If your source for organic coffee is not a legally certified handler, they are purchasing their beans pre-roasted and pre-packaged from another source, meaning they spent days maybe even weeks roasted and prepared before they were shipped out, losing their fresh flavor and aroma. Your coffee handler should buy organic beans in the raw state. They should then be roasted and packaged on site in the warehouse, prior to shipping to monitor quality control. CoffeeAM is a certified Organic Coffee Handler and Processor by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association Organic Certification Program (GCIAOCP) and we abide by the standards established by the National Organic Program, and have many incredible organic coffees to choose from.
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