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Abe Lincoln's Coffee

Abraham Lincoln is, arguably, the greatest president (and vampire slayer, if you enjoyed the recent movie) to have ever lived.  When we hear his name, we automatically think of a great man of courage and political genius.  We're reminded of his incredible skill as an orator, as evidenced by the Gettysburg Address.  He was a true patriot who led our country through a political, social, and economic crisis--the Civil War.  Self-educated, he rose from poverty to the highest post in the nation, demonstrating all that is great about the United States. While we often think of Lincoln as a legendary political leader, we often forget about him as a man.  What was this tall, gaunt, gentle and soft-spoken man like?  What did he enjoy doing?  What were his favorite foods?
I don't often enjoy food, but when I do, I enjoy it with coffee.
The 16th President of the United States, from most accounts, was not interested in gastronomy.  He did not take particular pleasure in food, but would typically eat sparingly of what was put in front of him.  Perhaps this came from his time as a poor farmer.  However, Abraham Lincoln did find pleasure in a few things.  Lincoln was "almost entirely indifferent to food except that he liked apples and hot coffee."  He liked a good hot cup of coffee early in the morning to start his day.  But, because he was constantly consumed with thinking and addressing political matters, he would forget to eat lunch or dinner unless someone told him to eat.  Even then, he ate very little!  One of his private secretaries, John Hay, remarked that "he ate less than anyone I know." Other presidents have enjoyed good gourmet coffee.  Ulysses S. Grant, in true military fashion, preferred his coffee black.  Rutherford B. Hayes always had a cup of coffee at breakfast and a cup of tea at lunch.  Teddy Roosevelt's son remembered his father's coffee cup as being "more in the nature of a bathtub" because he drank so much! Like these great men, you can also enjoy fantastic gourmet coffee!  We've even created Patriotic Coffees and Teas that are perfect to celebrate our nation, whether it's July 4th, Memorial Day, or just because!  They also make fantastic gifts for your favorite veteran.  Whether you eat like Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt, you can love these!  Try them today!

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