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10 More Decaf Coffees for Your Drinking Pleasure

Continuing our exploration of our decaf coffees, this week we look at our blends and flavored coffees.   decaf coffee


The reason we blend coffees is to create flavors and textures that do not naturally occur.  

Decaf After Dinner Blend

Perfect for after a big meal, our Decaf After Dinner Blend helps with digestion. From the stimulating property of heat to the hint of cardamom this coffee is beneficial for helping to breakdown your food. The heavy body soothes your dessert cravings. Bright with a slight smokiness, this classic brew is a great way to end your day.  

Decaf Connoisseur Estate Blend

Truly for the coffee connoisseur, our Decaf Connoisseur Estate is a distinctive blend with just the right amount of acidity. Perfectly balanced and extremely smooth with just a hint of spice, this decaffeinated blend of Indonesian, African, and Arabian coffees is full-flavored and unique.  

Decaf Dutch Trader Blend

This Indonesian coffee blend is vibrant and full bodied with a rich flavor. Embodying the spirit of the Dutch Coffee Traders who went through trials and tribulations to bring this coffee to the world. Enjoy the delightful and intriguing Decaf Dutch Trader Blend that has a brightness ideal for evening sipping.  

Decaf eCoffee Blend

This masterpiece is a proprietary blend created by our Roastmaster. Made with three pure arabica bean coffees for a smooth brew full of flavor. Our Decaf eCoffee Blend is dark and delicious and sure to hit the spot. Enjoy the mysterious with a steaming mug of this blend.  

Decaf French Roast

For this blend, we start with high grown, pure arabica beans from Indonesia. We then dark roast to bring out the heavy body and smoky overtones. Decaf French Roast is a delightfully bittersweet coffee that will leave your taste buds feeling oh, so satisfied.  

Decaf Gourmet House Blend

Share our Decaf Gourmet House Blend coffee with your office for an afternoon pick-me-up that won't keep you up all night. Made from Central and South American beans, this best-selling coffee has rich notes of caramel and milk chocolate with a smooth finish that even our coffeehouse clients reach for.  

Decaf Marrakesh Blend

Delicate with a surprisingly spicy bite, our Decaf Marrakesh Blend is reminiscent of the market for which it is named. This coffee is hearty and complex with a medium body and brightness that we hope you enjoy any time of day or night.  

Decaf Mocca Java Blend

A decadent blend of Java Blawan Estate and Ethiopian Longberry, the pungent brew is light and flavorful with a floral aroma. Decaf Mocca Java is perfectly balanced with rich bittersweet notes of dark chocolate. Ideal for starting your day in a relaxing way.  

Decaf New Orleans Style Chicory

A delicate blend of decaf Colombian coffee, decaf French Roast, and chicory. The Decaf New Orleans Style Chicory is absolutely true to the New Orleans tradition. We roast this blend dark for a heavy body and bright lightness. The smoky overtones lead to a dark and velvety brew with a roasted flavor from the unique chicory. It's a delicious coffee that will get you going even without the caffeine.  

Decaf World Tour Blend

Our Decaf World Tour Blend is a custom blend of Central and South American beans with African beans for a complex brew with bright flavors and a crisp, clean finish. The fruity overtones and rustic flavor are enhanced by rich notes of bittersweet dark chocolate. Hold the world in your cup with this delightful blend.  

Decaf Flavored Coffee

As a bonus, let's take a look at our large selection of Flavored coffees. With over 100 flavors to choose from, each is available as decaf. You can still enjoy all the flavor you've become accustomed to without the caffeine. You can choose from our chocolaty flavors, dessert flavors, nutty flavors, fruity flavors, candy flavors, adult beverage flavors, and many combinations of these. Head over to our Flavored Decaf Coffee page to find all of your favorites.   When you're looking for all the full-flavored deliciousness of our regular coffees without the caffeine, reach for any of our decaffeinated coffees. Mouthwatering and tasty, you can enjoy your coffee any time of day or night without the effects of caffeine.
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