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10 Awesome Facts About Coffee

  Coffee, that wonder black drink that is so popular throughout the world.  Just about everyone in every culture drinks coffee.  Not only does it help you get through the work week, but it has some amazing health benefits.  If you love coffee as much as we do, here are 10 awesome facts you may not have heard about.  

1.    Finding Coffee

Life must have been tough for people who never discovered coffee.  It was found in Ethiopia around the year 800 A.D.  Goats were observed to have more energy, and when a monk mixed it, he could stay up all night.  

2.    Coffee as a Food

Coffee used to be mixed with fats into a ball, but was also mixed with wine.  This combination probably had some interesting results.  

3.    What is Coffee?

Coffee is technically a fruit.  The pits or beans grow on the bushes, and is actually a seed.  Weird, right?  

4.    Overdosing on Coffee

It is possible to overdose on too much coffee.  Now it would take over 100 cups to overdose, so unless you have a lot of time, and enough room in your stomach, you shouldn’t worry too much.  

5.    Who Drinks the Most Coffee?

In the United States, it’s no surprise that New Yorkers consume the most coffee.  However, Finland consumes the most out of every country in the world, with four cups per adult being the average.  

6.    Good for Your Brain?

There are studies that show that people with more caffeine in their blood systems have a lower chance of getting Alzheimer’s.  It can also help patients with type 2 Diabetes and Parkinson’s.  

7.    Keep Your Coffee Warm

Everyone wants to keep their coffee warm for a long time to enjoy every sip.  Adding cream prevents your coffee from cooling, staying warmer 20 percent longer than a black cup.  

8.    Coffee Strength

If you add milk, you’re going to limit the strength of your coffee.  Caffeine absorption takes longer whenen you add milk, so you don’t get the quick wake up.  

9.    Coffee Smells

In the morning, just the smell of coffee is enough to bolster your senses and get you on your way.  The scents can alter the activity of the genes in your brain, which helps with sleep deprivation.  

10.  The Meaning of Coffee

The origin of coffee has gone through some changes.  It started out as qahwah (Yemen), kahveh (Turkey), and koffie (Dutch).  The Dutch translation is where the English decided to name this wonder elixir.
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