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Tazo Tea, Case of 6 (Mix & Match)


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Can't make up your mind as to which Tazo tea is your favorite? Don't worry about it...get six different kinds in one order! Each box of Tazo tea has 24 individually wrapped tea bags so you will get 144 total tea bags. It's up to you, you can order all the same tea or you can mix and match from the list below and experience six different and exciting flavors. Choose from Calm, decaf chai, Earl Grey, Green Ginger, Lotus, Organic chai, Passion, Refresh, Wild sweet orange and Zen. Your biggest challenge is going to be narrowing it down to six! These bags are great for travel, the office, or to keep handy in your bag. You've got to love the go-anywhere convenience of tea bags. Tazo is out to recreate the timeless tradition of tea, we'd have to say this sampler box is an excellent way to start. Pick your six favorites and buy a money saving Tazo tea case today.
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Brand Tazo

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