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Rancilio, Epoca S

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Rancilio, Epoca (S1 & S2)


Manual Dosing System
Semiautomatic version, 1 or 2 groups available.
Epoca S1 tank is equipped with a water tank inside and a built-in water softener. It needs no connection to the water supply network. C-lever (not pictured) is included. Epoca is a technologically innovative product by Rancilio, complying with the most advanced technical requirements. Essential by design, easy to operate, it has all the outstanding qualities of Rancilio coffee machines combining electronics with traditional hardware for higher performances. Epoca is a user-friendly and reliable coffee machine brewing a tasty coffee. Furthermore, it has an exclusive and patented feature, which makes it a world-class product: thanks to the use of high quality and innovative material, the machine body is now rust-proof, scratch-proof and age-resistant. Available in Metallic Grey (default color) or Metallic Red (optional). Groups larger than 1 may incur larger shipping charges. Weight: 77 lb
Reg/Decaf Regular
Brand Rancilio

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