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Organic Sulawesi 'Port Icewik' Fair Trade Coffee

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Grown in the remote jungles of Sulawesi where it takes at least four days to transport items to the nearest city, this organic coffee is a coveted delight. The coffee trees in Sulawesi typically produce small yields, and while under strict organic practices, each tree is cultivated without the use of man-made pesticides; this is why the supply is limited.

Organic Sulawesi 'Port Icewik' Fair-Trade coffee is a direct descendant of Arabica coffee varietals found in Yemen. Brought to Sulawesi by a Dutchman named Icewik, the trees prospered in the humid, tropical climate. The coffee trees were abandoned, but despite being unattended for almost 400 years the trees survived.

When we have the beans in stock, we medium-light roast each small batch to produce a delightful aroma and unique flavor profile. We hope to have it back very soon!


Light Dark

Port Icewik promises to deliver a full-bodied coffee with a cedar pine essence and cinnamon undertones. Low acidity and a long spicy finish give this exotic complex blend an original flavor.