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Friis Coffee Vault

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Are you tired of your coffee beans going stale after a while? The first couple of cups are great, but after that the quality goes down. That's because you aren't storing your coffee properly! Moisture, light, and carbon dioxide released after roasting all contribute to a loss in quality of your coffee. Why not change that; order the Friis Coffee Vault Coffee Storage Container and keep your coffee fresher, longer!

With the Friis Coffee Vault, you can maintain your coffee's flavor for months! It stores up to a pound (16oz) of gourmet coffee in an air-tight, stainless steel base. The BPA-free polymer lid seals and locks the coffee, and it includes Friis Freshness Valves to vent away any CO2 that builds up from the roasted coffee. Store the Friis Coffee Vault in a cool, dry place and you're sure to keep your coffee tasting great!
Brand: Friis