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Decaf 'Swiss Water' Sumatra Mandheling Coffee One Pound Promo

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Sumatra Mandheling Coffee is known for its syrupy body with hints of chocolate and brown sugar. Now you can enjoy this great coffee without all of that caffeine or those harmful chemicals!

This Sumatra Mandheling Gourmet Coffee has been decaffeinated through a chemical-free method known as the Swiss Water Method. Green coffee beans are washed and soaked in water to remove the caffeine. The water is then filtered to remove the caffeine, and the beans are soaked again and again until they are 99.9% caffeine-free.
Brand: CoffeeAM


Light Dark

This wet-hulled coffee is naturally decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Method leaving it more flavorful than most decaf coffees. With a heavy and complex body, 'Swiss Water' Sumatra Mandheling has layers of flavor revealing dark chocolate, floral herbs, and hints of peaches and mangoes.