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Decaf Organic Gourmet House Coffee - Portion Packs

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The CoffeeAM Organic Gourmet House Portion Pack is a box containing several Portion Packs of our organic coffee blend. This organic blend has only recently available to the public. This means you can now get that coffee house flavor right in your own home. You can buy our most popular Gourmet House Blend in convenient portion packs that are perfect for a fresh pot every time.

CoffeeAM is a fully certified Organic Coffee Handler and Processor by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association Organic Certification Program (GCIAOCP). This means we roast our organic coffee lines in-house, grind the beans, pack them fresh, and ship them to you (same day in most cases).

Arriving at your home will be a box of freshly roasted Portion Packs ready for a quick brew resulting in a delectable cup of decadent coffee. Each Portion Pack is conveniently pre-measured to brew one pot of coffee.

We at CoffeeAM are dedicated to bringing you the freshest organic coffee available online. We buy our organic beans raw and roast and package them ourselves prior to shipping. We have worked very hard to obtain our certification to insure our customers receive the freshest coffee at the best prices!

1.75 - 2.25oz packs are generally used for home or office carafe brewers.

Brand: CoffeeAM