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Maui Yellow Caturra Coffee (Patriotic Theme)


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. Don't you wish you were sitting on a beach in Maui right now, watching the waves roll in and out as you sit underneath a palm tree and let all your cares flow away? Enjoy a taste of paradise with Maui Yellow Caturra Coffee, a true delight to everyone who tries it! This gourmet coffee is one of only a few that are grown in Hawaii, the only state in the USA that grows coffee. Support American coffee growers and try the Maui Yellow Caturra Coffee today! Although coffee cherries are typically red when they're ripe, Maui Yellow Caturra gets its name because the cherries are yellow when ripe. This exceptional quality produces a full-bodied cup with smooth flavor and spicy undertones. There's nothing else quite like Maui Yellow Caturra Coffee; that's why it's considered one of the best coffees in the world!
Brand CoffeeAM


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