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Kenya Kiangai AA Coffee


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From the village of Kiangai in Central Kenya comes our newest micro-lot, Kenya Kiangai AA. This bourbon-typica varietal is grown high in the rich volcanic soils near Mount Kenya where the climate produces two distinct harvest seasons. Once the coffee cherries are picked by hand, they are taken to a centralized wet mill to be washed, pulped, fermented, and dried in the sun. The beans are then transferred to a dry mill for further processing and grading.

Kenya Kiangai AA
This Kenya Kiangai AA is grown by smallholder farms in the Kibirigwi Cooperative Society. Two main rainy seasons produce two crops, the first and longest from March to May and the second and shortest in October.

  • Location: Kirinyaga, Nyeri
  • Elevation: 4,300 – 6,200 feet above sea level
  • Varietal: SL28 & SL34 (bourbon-typica cultivar)
  • Process: Hand-picked, washed, fermented, sun-dried on raised beds
  • Roast: Medium-Light


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A medium-light roast brings out the delightfully complex flavors of this AA bean. Sweet fruit notes and bright floral aromas are typical of this full-bodied brew.

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