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Oolong Tea

An Asian favorite, Oolong is now a favorite in America as well. Known around the world for the healing properties Oolong tea has, it also is surprisingly light and delicious. Containing large amounts of polyphenols, even more than green or black tea, Oolong tea has the potential to reduce triglycerides and remove free radicals from your body. It has recently been discovered that polyphenols generate the flavor unique to Oolong, which certainly makes bettering your health easier!

Shop our large selection of authentic Oolong tea available in 1/2lb bags, blends and money saving 2lb bags. Today is the day! Add Oolong tea to your day, everyday and see just how great you can feel! We ship same day.

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    Formosa Oolong Tea

    Oolong tea gets its name from the Chinese word wu-lung, meaning "Black Dragon," because it represents a cross between green and black tea.Formosa O...

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    Formosa Green Dragon Oolong Tea

    Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa, is renowned as being the world's best producer of the treasured Oolong teas. Since the introduction of Green Dra...

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    China Magnolia Oolong Tea

    Among the most famous of Chinese teas is the oolong Tea, also known as the black dragon tea because of its dark, long, and curled-leaf appearance. ...

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