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Mocafe Toffee Mocha Frappe Mix, Case (4) 3 lb Bags

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The rich, decadent flavor of Mocafe Toffee Mocha Frappe Mix in an iced coffee is out of this world. Customers will go wild for this incredibly delicious treat! Indulge them with one of the best flavors available in the Mocafe line. They're sure to come back for more!

Each bag makes 35 8-ounce servings and is trans-fat free!

To make a delicious 16 fl. oz. Toffee Mocha Iced Coffee, add 2 scoops of Mocafe Toffee Mocha Frappe to 6 fl. oz. milk, and use 12-14 oz. ice. Blend them together and serve. The result is one fantastic Toffee Mocha Frappe!

Brand: Mocafe