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Banana Smoothie Mix

There’s nothing better than a refreshing banana smoothie – except for a refreshing banana smoothie that came from CoffeeAM! Because we work with big brands like Jet and Maui, you’ll always know that the banana smoothies you get from us are flavorful, nutritious and healthy!

Smoothies are a perfect anytime treat, and they’re a healthy alternative to other frozen beverages that may be packed with sugar with artificial flavorings. Not with us! Our banana smoothie mix is made with all natural fruit, real sugar and absolutely no preservatives.

Looking for a smoothie with a little more kick? These banana smoothie mixes go great paired with your favorite type of alcohol for a perfect summertime treat by the pool. Are you simply trying to swap a sugary snack for a healthier alternative? Then our banana smoothie mix is perfect for you, too, and you can rest assured knowing it’s made with real cane sugar and no high-fructose corn syrup!

Get your very own banana smoothie mix at wholesale prices from CoffeeAM today, and experience the taste of truly all-natural banana flavor. The monkeys had it right the whole time!
  • $11.95
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    Maui Banana Smoothie

    UPC Code: 045796031170 Banana flavored Maui smoothie mix is an excellent way to cool down and perk up this summer. Made with real banana puree the ...

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  • $12.95

    Maui Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    UPC Code:  Strawberry Banana flavored Maui smoothie mix  46 fl oz. Carton No Fat Made with cane sugar and no high fructose corn syrup Real fru...

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