Winter Coffees

Winter Coffees
Enjoy the holidays with our large selection of winter coffees! Indulge in the classic flavors of Christmas Cookies, Egg Nog, Peppermint, and Mistletoe Joe flavored coffees.

This year, give a gift that they'll be excited to receive. Gourmet coffees make a great holiday or birthday gift for the coffee lover in your life!
Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee 1lb (16 oz)
Jamaica Blue Mountain Reserve 1lb (16 oz)
5lb Bag $119.95
1lb Bag $29.95
1lb Sale Price $27.95
12 Coffees of Christmas Gift Set
Christmas Blend (16 oz)
5lb Bag $34.95
Pecan Pie-12 Coffees of Christmas (1 lb Bag)
Egg Nog (16 oz)
Old-Fashioned Gingerbread-12 Coffees of Christmas (1 lb Bag)
Jack Frost-12 Coffees of Christmas (1 lb Bag)
Peppermint-12 Coffees of Christmas (1 lb Bag)
Mistletoe Joe-12 Coffees of Christmas (1 lb Bag)
Nutmeg Spice-12 Coffees of Christmas (1 lb Bag)
Reindeer Crunch-12 Coffees of Christmas  (16 oz)
Pumpkin Spice-12 Coffees of Christmas (1 lb Bag)
Lump of Coal French Roast Coffee-12 Coffees of Christmas (1 lb Bag)
Holiday Flavor Sampler
3 1lb bags flavored coffee
Santa Pants Gift Set
Get Your Own Pair!
Cold Winter Days
Great for Cold Winter Days!
Auld Lang Syne Coffee (1lb Bag)
Fudge Brownie, Maple Walnut, Hazelnut & Pecan
Blizzard Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)
Egg Nog, Jamaican Rum, & Cinnamon
Christmas Cookie Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)
Country Christmas Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)
Chestnut, Graham Cracker & Southern Maple
Edelweiss Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)
Praline, Mexican Liqueur and Almonds
Egg Nog Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)
Traditional Egg Nog with Gourmet Coffee
Egg Nog Rum (1lb Bag)
Jamaican Rum, Cinnamon, & Egg Nog
Holiday Cheer Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)
Jamaican Rum, Toasted Almond, French Caramel & Vanilla
Holiday Grogg Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)
Scottish Brandy, Pecan, & Cinnamon.
Jack Frost Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)
Irish Cream, Swiss Chocolate, and a pinch of Peppermint
Kozy Fire Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)
Cinnamon Spice, Rum & Nutty Flavors
Mistletoe Joe Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)
Creamy Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Graham Cracker.
Peppermint Flavored Coffee 1lb (16 oz)
Sweet, Candied Peppermint
Toasted Chestnut Flavored Coffee (1lb Bag)
Toasted Chestnuts & Gourmet Coffee
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