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Vitamix "The Quiet One"

The Quiet One, a powerful, premium blender that provides unparalleled sound reduction, exceptional blends for consistently superior product, and significantly improved speed of service.

Designed specifically with coffeehouses and high-end bars in mind, The Quiet One fits perfectly (and quietly) into front-of-house operations thanks to its dramatic sound reduction capabilities. Customers can enjoy the highest quality blended beverages without hearing a noisy traditional commercial blender constantly running in the background.

Features & Benefits include: Operating at an amazing 18 decibels below its closest competitor on one of the most demanding recipes (milkshake), according to independent third party testing, The Quiet One would be perceived as being four times quieter. It was specifically designed to create a more enjoyable customer environment while offering operators the ability to deliver a wide variety of superior blended beverages. Its innovative door seal design and patent-pending floating technology significantly reduce vibration transmission and improve airflow,... read more >>
Vitamix, The Quiet One
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Vitamix, The Quiet One
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