Tazo Tea

Tazo Tea
Tazo, meaning "River of Life" or "Fresh", has breathed new life into tea. Tazo carries a very extensive and exotic variety of filter tea bags. Tazo purchases only premium quality tea and botanicals from around the world for its products. Tazo's mission is to intrigue you with their distinctive taste and masterful blends, and we believe they will!

Filter bags are the perfect convenience for travel and for the office. They pack up easy and can go anywhere, but when you are at home, may we suggest you take time for teatime...

Our selection of loose-leaf teas, also called Tisanes, will offer you a fresher tasting tea that you will also find to be more economical! All of our Tisanes contain rosehips that are vital for anti aging and well-being and Hibiscus which give the added benefit of naturally occurring vitamin C. Simply fill the tea ball infuser with the loose leaf tea, pour boiling water and let steep! It'll be ready in no time! It is easy, great tasting hot or cold, and it's good for you!

Whichever you choose, the modern convenience of Tazo filter bags or the more traditional time honored tradition of fruit flavored Tisane, or maybe even customer service to answer more of your questions...CoffeeAM wants to be a part of your next tea time.
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