Tazo Chai Concentrate

Tazo Chai Concentrate
If you have ever had the pleasure of tasting a Tazo Chai beverage, you know there is simply nothing thing like it. If you haven't, you simply haven't had Chai! Surprise your taste buds with the carefully selected exotic spices that make up this unique drink. You'll be surprised how easy it is for you to savor the Chai goodness that Tazo has in concentrate form.

Simply mix equal parts concentrate with milk or milk substitute and either heat or throw over ice. Winter or summer, we've got you covered, it is easy to make and easy to enjoy and easily impressive.

Tazo Chai is the brand served by Starbucks, but now you have the ability to mix it up just the way you like it. Go a little lighter on this, add a sprinkle of that...its all up to you! Enjoy.

We also offer Tazo's traditional Bagged Tea.
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