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Wholesale Flavored Teas

Flavored Teas
We are proud to offer you Gourmet Flavored Tea in a wholesale quantity. Quality is a commitment that we take very seriously, and we are confident our flavored tea will be renowned for its superior flavor. All of our flavored teas are loose-leaf Chinese black teas that have been scented and flavored with natural essences to bring you an amazing aroma and gentle flavor.

Hot, cold, sweetened, or just the way they are, this huge selection of flavored teas are sure to entice your customers to break out of the mold and try something new! Our wholesale teas are sold in 2lb bags that are sure to go fast. These flavored teas make great "daily specials" and are sure to keep your doors swinging.

From American favorites like Blueberries and cream to seasonal favorites like Apple spice tea...CoffeeAM is the right choice for all you flavored tea needs.