Real Fruit Smoothies

Real Fruit Smoothies
There is nothing more tasty, more refreshing or more beautiful than a glass full of colorful frozen smoothie or cappuccino. Just picture your guests' eyes when you serve up this frozen drink, reminiscent of something they have been served on the islands. Chunks of real fruit and juices that blend with ice to make a simple drink, or get creative and concoct your own recipes!

You can't go wrong with no fat, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial preservatives or ingredients! We are talking one healthy, happy summer! Boost your energy, cool yourself down, these smoothies are perfect for breakfast with lunch or dinner and they make you feel good all over. Don't forget to check out our recipe page for some great drink ideas that are sure to impress! Garnish with fresh fruit and they will swear you spent all day in the kitchen.

These cartons are 1 liter of concentrate. They will make over 4.8 liters of finished smoothie drinks... enjoy!
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