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Rancilio Classe 6 S (S1 Compact)

Semi Automatic version. C-lever included
Classe 6 is a practical and essential coffee machine, distinguished by a linear, modern design. It stands out for its ease of use, reliability and supreme versatility. To those who want to get the best performance while optimizing space, Rancilio dedicates the Compact model of Classe 6, which concentrates all its potential in a smaller-sized body.

Thanks to its interchangeable sides, Classe 6 also fits well into limited counter space. Option to remove side drain-trays decreases total width by 5".

Available in "1 Group (with 1 liter Water Tank)", "1 Group", or "2 Group" arrangements. Groups larger than 1 may incur larger shipping charges.
Rancilio, Classe 6 S, S1 Compact
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Rancilio, Classe 6 S, S1 Compact
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