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Panama Honey-Prep Coffee (5lb Bag)

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For an exceptional and unique coffee-drinking experience, try our new Panama Honey-Prep gourmet coffee. This fantastic gourmet coffee is not prepared using the traditional dry or wet methods; instead, itís a mix between the two. The process is incredibly difficult, but if itís done correctly the results are incredible.

The honey-prep method, also known as pulped natural or semi-washed, is an innovative process that has only been around for a few years, and only a few places in the world are able to do it. There has to be low humidity and constant sunshine for the drying phase, and only countries like Brazil and Indonesia have been able to use the honey-prep method. Now, Panama has been able to capture and excel with the procedure. The complex process requires extreme care and constant supervision to ensure that the coffee harvest comes out just right.

Honey-prep requires that freshly-picked...
Panama Honey-Prep Coffee (5lb Bag)
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Panama Honey-Prep Coffee 5lb Bag