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Wholesale Organic Coffees

Wholesale Organic Coffees is a certified Organic Coffee Handler and Processor by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association Organic Certification Program (GCIAOCP). We abide by the standards established by the National Organic Program.

Why is this so important? Anyone can sell certified organic coffee, but only Certified Organic Coffee Handlers and Processors can legally roast organic coffees. If your source for organic coffee is not a legally certified handler, they are purchasing their beans pre-roasted and pre-packaged from another source.

We at are dedicated to bringing you the freshest organic coffee available online. We buy our organic beans raw and roast and package them ourselves prior to shipping. We have worked very hard to obtain our certification to ensure our customers receive the freshest coffee at the best prices!

All of the following are in 5-pound heat-sealed bags. If you need 1 pound bags, please visit our retail section.
Organic Bali Blue Moon Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic Bolivia 'Colonial Caranavi' Fair-Trade Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic Central American Beneficio Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic Colombia 'Mesa De Los Santos' Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic Decaf 'Swiss Water' Peru Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic Dominican Republic 'Santo Domingo' Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic El Salvador 'Cuzcachapa' (5lb Bag)
Organic Ethiopia Sidamo  Fair-Trade Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic French Roast Coffee (5lb Bag)
Price: $49.50
5lb Sale Price $39.95
Organic Galapagos Island Estate (5lb Bag)
Price: $55.95
5lb Sale Price $44.95
Organic Guatemala 'Santiago Atitlan' Fair-Trade Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic Honduran Finca Santa Maria (5lb Bag)
Price: $58.95
5lb Sale Price $53.95
Organic Mexico 'Altura Tollan' Coffee (5lb Bag)
Price: $46.75
5lb Sale Price $37.95
Organic Nicaragua 'Ceocafen' Fair-Trade Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic Peru 'Andes Gold' Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic Sulawesi 'Port Icewik' Fair-Trade Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' Fair-Trade Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic Sumatra 'Black Satin Roast' Fair-Trade Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic Timor Fair-Trade Coffee (5lb Bag)
Organic Espresso (5lb Bag)
Medium to dark espresso roast - perfect crema - wonderful complexity
Price: $47.95
5lb Sale Price $42.95