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Coffee Shop Accessories

Coffee Shop Accessories
These high-quality coffee shop accessories are just what you need to start or keep your coffee or espresso business running smoothly and efficiently. Looking for bar spoons for your frozen drinks, layering your drinks, or scooping and stirring? Need a few extra hand tampers for your espresso machines? We have these to offer you, plus all the accessories to help your coffee shop run more efficient, right here at CoffeeAM.

We provide only the top of the line, most innovative products for you and your business whether you are a start up, need extras or replacement products, ordering at is quick and easy. Some of these coffee and espresso accessories include a stainless steel knock box that can be used on the counter surface or in the countertop, an espresso pitcher that is used worldwide, and a packing pat made of strong, soft rubber. We have White Kraft tin-tie bags, a stainless steel pitcher that comes in three sizes to fit your specific needs, a steaming thermometer, and plastic pour spouts.

If you are in the process of outfitting a new coffee or espresso shop, please feel free to call our sales department at 800-803-7774 and we will be more than happy to help you get started!
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