Decaf Monster Mashup Coffee Collection

Happy Halloween from CoffeeAM!

Our Decsf Monster Mashup Coffee Collection was inspired by three of the most beloved and famous characters. Get ready for Halloween and brew these flavored coffees that are full of flavor. Each sampler comes with three 1lb bags of our special Halloween flavors: Decaf Franken Fudge Brownie, Decaf Witches Brew, and Decaf Mummy Mudslide!

Decaf Franken Fudge possesses the flavors of rich chocolate fudge with maple walnut, vanilla, and pecan. Decaf Witches Brew is a lightly roasted flavored coffee that tastes like those delicious little pieces of candy corn. Last, but not least, we include the Decaf Mummy Mudslide coffee which is reminiscent to that famous cocktail!

The Decaf Monster Mashup qualifies for $5.95 Shipping!

Enjoy our incredibly delicious, spooky flavored coffees.

Or try them individually!

Decaf Monster Mashup Coffee Collection
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Decaf Monster Mashup Coffee Collection
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