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Lemon Spice Flavored Tea (2lb Bag)

They say, "If you have a lemon, make lemonade." We took it one step further and made Lemon spice flavored tea! Lemon is perfect in just about everything, throw a little cinnamon and spices into the mix and you have one delightful intriguing cup of tea. Enjoy the fresh clean lemony aroma while the spices dance gently on your tongue.

Here is the good news; we are prepared to offer you huge savings on your favorite flavored tea. Click the 2lb bag option at checkout and save! Have lemon spice in the morning, noon and night .Be prepared to enjoy it anytime you want with a wholesale sized 2lb bag.

Our loose leaf Chinese black tea will set the stage perfectly for our Lemon spice flavored tea to be a huge sensation.

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Lemon Spice Flavored Tea (2lb Bag)
Price: Only $14.95
Lemon Spice Flavored Tea 2lb Bag