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Lemon Mango Tisane (2lb Bag)

The Lemon Mango Tisane is the sweetest mix of citrusy lemon flavors and warm, mango infused tastes. If you like a dash of lemon with a tropical hint of mango, this Tisane will hit the spot with its dried apples, hibiscus, rosehips, and other natural flavors. Perfectly complemented with dried fruits and herbs, Lemon Mango Tisane features a pinkish tint that will enchant your taste buds with a full range of sweet yet soft flavors. This is the perfect conglomeration of tastes merging together in one quenching tisane!

The Lemon Mango tisane will hit the spot with its wonderful aroma and delicious taste. Perfect for anyone looking for a genuinely refreshing cup of tea, this tisane has flavor that will wake your senses. You can expect this Lemon Mango Tisane to hit the spot with its unique tartness.

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Lemon Mango Tisane (2lb Bag)
Price: Only $27.95
Lemon Mango Tisane 2lb Bag