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La Marzocco

La Marzocco
Handmade in the finest Italian tradition, La Marzocco machines feature twin stainless boilers and patented saturated group design for extremely stable temperature and steam pressure control. The raised group height accommodates varying cup sizes, and the custom-made stainless steel steam wand's construction ensures the wand won't bend, break, corrode, or flake. These and other unique characteristics offer superior reliability and performance.

The key feature of all our coffee machines is the dual-boiler technology. To achieve a faultless quality in the cup, we use a boiler dedicated to coffee brewing that is entirely independent of a second boiler used exclusively for steam and hot water for tea or other beverages.

This system, unlike the traditional system with a single boiler used by most coffee machine manufacturers, ensures an unequaled thermal stability, the determining factor for achieving a satisfying result in the cup.
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