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La Marzocco Swift Grinder

Grinding, dosing, tamping on demand are the features unique to the Swift Grinder. It improves beverage consistency in places where training is a concern, eliminates coffee waste and bridges the gap between traditional and super-automatic technology while maintaining state of the art quality in the cup.

Designed to prevent coffee from overheating, its high-speed ceramic flat burrs are long-lasting. Moreover, fresh grinding prevents waste and maximizes the coffee's aroma and flavor.

More accurate than timed dosing, volume dosing delivers a consistent quantity of ground coffee to each filter basket.

Its unique layered and level tamping system guarantees consistent pressure applied to the coffee puck, time and time again.

Height:   25 inches
Width:   13 inches
Depth:   14 inches
Weight:   75 lbs
Voltage:   110/220 Hopper Capacity:   4 lbs each

Weight: 75 lb
La Marzocco, Swift Grinder
Only $4,800.00
La Marzocco, Swift Grinder
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