Kopi Luwak Coffee (1/2lb Bag)

Currently Unavailable- Due to the extreme rarity and its high demand, this gourmet coffee is unavailable this season.

On the Indonesian island of Sumatra, there lives a species of mammals referred to as 'Luwaks' by the locals; they live in the trees and feed on the ripe coffee cherries. Since they are unable to digest the coffee beans, they deposit them on the jungle floor where they are collected by the locals. This coffee has earned a special reputation based on a combination of rarity, unusual circumstances, and particularly good flavor.

This is the world's most unique gourmet coffee; it is definitely unlike any other coffee. There are different production methods of Kopi Luwak around the world, but each produces varying results. Our small batches of Kopi Luwak are medium roasted; when brewed it produces a specialty coffee that is full-bodied with hints of caramel and a light, crisp finish.
With different production methods of Kopi Luwak, the cupping results and flavor profiles vary. When medium-roasted and brewed, this specialty coffee is said to produce a rich aroma and a full body of flavor. With hints of chocolate and caramel, this heavy bodied coffee has a lingering finish between sips.
Kopi Luwak Coffee (1/2lb Bag)
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Kopi Luwak Coffee (1/2lb Bag)
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Atlanta GA
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Getting Past the Origin
November 29, 2014
Getting past the fact that these beans had passed through a luwak's body was the hardest part for me ... once getting past this coffee having come from the butt of a pseudo cat, I found it interesting that despite having a coffee taste it didn't have a coffee bite - there was none of the back of the throat bitterness or acidity found in most "over the counter" coffees. I read somewhere that this was due to the luwak's (a type of civet or Asian cat) body changing the protein structure of the bean before "passing it on" so to speak. So, yes I'd say it's a great coffee but the bigger question becomes is 1 pound worth 1/2 of my mortgage payment? A resounding no. Unless you are an oil mogul or own a castle in a Middle Eastern desert, I'd say leave this to the 1 percenters who have money to burn and buy yourself a pound of Jamaican Blue Mountain (expensive but affordable next to cat butt coffee) - I'd definitely recommend that every coffee lover try this AT LEAST once in your life and it makes an IMPRESSIVE gift for the coffee connoisseur

3 Stars

KOPI LUWAK: In my opinion not worth the money.about 20.00/cup
August 21, 2013
I lived on the plantation were we were producing this coffee. The reason this coffee is of a superior quality and flavor is because the luwak will pick only the best ripe beans which can not be reconized by humans. When the luwak population becomes too large, the quality of the picked beans will go down. To control this Luwak population, most plantations als keep python snakes. These snakes will be released when the luwak population exceeds a certain number and then will be killed by the snakes. After this population control is finished the snakes will then be locked up in a cage again until the next time. Some wholesalers always have this superior quality in stock at about $300.00/lbs.H

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