Kona and Hawaiian Coffees

Kona Coffees
Pack your bags – it’s time to head to Hawaii on a truly decadent coffee adventure! The Sandwich Islands, the only location in the United States that grows coffee, features some of the world’s most coveted gourmet coffee beans. You can indulge in the warm, buttery flavors of Hawaii coffee without ever having to leave your kitchen.

For those that want Hawaii’s most prized coffee, give into temptation and let the island life take you away with the 100% authentic Hawaiian Kona ‘Volcanic Estate.’ Famous for its well-balanced brew and smooth body, you can experience a subtle chocolate undertone with a buttery smoothness sure to treat your taste buds. It’s been considered one of the world’s best coffees for years and years, so go ahead and dive into a cup of this traditional Hawaiian treat. Read more...

If you want to travel off the beaten path along the Mauna Loa mountainside, try the Hawaiian K’au beans. Similar to the Kona coffee, this K’au features a subtle difference that will make you feel like you’ve just discovered a hidden gem. With a brilliant flavor, this K’au will certainly take your taste buds on an adventure you’ll never forget.

Try the sister coffees Maui Yellow Caturra and the Maui Red Catuai for two unique flavors. The Maui Yellow features cinnamon and allspice in a clean, crisp cup while the Maui Red is considered to be the “cabernet of coffee” with its distinct spiciness and burgundy undertones. These two coffees are richly divine with their full-bodies of flavor.

Go ahead, let the island life sweep you off your feet – say Aloha to Hawaiian coffee
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