Kabusecha (1/4 lb Bag)

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Kabusecha is grown in Kinpou in the Kagoshime Prefecture. At 800 years old and in a high altitude, the area is one of the oldest and best places for growing tea.

The name Kabusecha literally means "covered tea," which comes from the way it's grown. Normal Sencha, for example, is not shaded at all, but Kabusecha is shaded for 15-20 days before plucking. The reduction of sunlight is what gives this tea a milder flavor and low bitterness. You'll enjoy the grassy taste and lingering sweetness of this delicious gourmet tea! Try it plain or with a splash of lemon juice.
Kabusecha (1/4 lb Bag)
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Kabusecha 1/4 lb Bag
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