K-Cup Replacement

K-Cup Replacement
Keurig Coffee Makers, also known as K-Cup machines, are a revolutionary way to brew a single cup of coffee. To use, you simply open the single-serving cup known as a K-Cup and insert it into the machine. Then you place a mug under the Keurig machine's spout, so once the machine is warmed up, it pours your perfectly warm and brewed single cup of coffee into your favorite mug. This convenient way to make a perfect cup is even better now with the K-Cup pod filters.

CoffeeAM offers K-Cup replacements, also known as EZ-Cup replacement. These filters are ideal for those that love fresh roasted coffee. Although the Keurig coffee flavors offer many different kinds, now you can have even more of a selection of your favorite coffees because these filters allow you to use any kind of coffee no K-Cup of coffee required. This allows you to use any kind of coffee you want, making your single cup exactly what you want it to be.

CoffeeAM is proud to feature these pods and filters. We believe that coffee should be experienced with the utmost convenience and now that you can use these filters for your single cup coffee makers, you can have the coffee you love and drink it with 60 seconds or less to brew!
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