Jamaican & Kona Coffee Gifts

Jamaican & Kona Coffee Gifts
When shopping for coffee gifts, we’re sure that you’ll agree; only the best will do. This is why we have crafted a series of gift sets to satisfy your gifting needs. These gift sets contain different selections of Kona and Jamaican coffee, some of the smoothest tasting coffees in the world. Kona coffee is known for its smooth buttery essence, and Jamaican coffee is well known and loved for its smooth chocolaty finish. You can’t go wrong no matter which gift you choose from this selection.

Give a gift that won’t be forgotten any time soon, help someone explore or discover their love for coffee; buy some Jamaican or Kona coffee today!
Aloha Maui Blend (1lb Bag)
Normally: $21.95
Introductory Price: $19.95
Jamaican and Kona Coffee Gift Set
Kona Coffee Sampler
Hawaiian Coffee Sampler
Jamaican Sampler (4 1/2lb Bags)
4 Jamaican Coffees
Price $64.95
Cuvee Collection
Price: $37.95
Paradise Package Coffee Collection
half-pound bags of gourmet coffee
Price: $64.95
Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee, 1lb (16 oz)
5lb bag $209.95
1lb Bag $54.95
1lb Sale Price $47.95
Hawaiian Kona 'Volcanic Estate' Coffee, 1lb (16 oz)
100% Pure Kona 5lb Bag $219.95
1lb Bag $54.95
1lb Sale Price $49.95
Jamaica Blue Mountain Reserve, 1lb (16 oz)
5lb Bag $109.95
1lb Bag $29.95
1lb Sale Price $27.95
Jamaica Blue Mountain Organic Coffee, 1lb (16 oz)
Hawaiian Kona Reserve, 1lb (16 oz)
1lb Bag $29.95
1lb Sale Price $27.95
Jamaica Blue Mountain Cuvee, 1lb (16 oz)
Hawaii Kona Coffee Cuvee, 1lb (16 oz)
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