Gran Madre Gourmet Coffee

Everyone thinks their mother is the best, and we tell them that on Mother's Day! If you think your mom is the best too, then you should get her Gran Madre Coffee. This treat is a classic Colombian coffee specially packaged and shipped for Mother's Day. She'll love the personal touch; it shows her that she's a one-of-a-kind woman! Surprise mom with a unique gift that she's going to love; the gourmet coffee will be fresh-roasted, shipped quickly, and arrive right at your front door. It doesn't get much better than this!

Although it's fantastic by itself, if you're looking for a great gift set for your mom, consider getting our Gourmet Flavored Coffee Bouquet! In addition to Gran Madre Coffee, you'll also receive Butterfly Kisses Flavored Coffee and Heart of Gold Flavored Coffee. Check out the Mother's Day Gift Set, too!

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Professional tasters (cuppers) recognize this premium coffee amongst the best in the world because of its full, rich flavors and aroma. For 75 years, the Colombian Coffee Federation (CCF) has been the world’s most successful organization of coffee production in Colombia.

After harvesting, supremo beans are released of their acidic agents and impurities through a washing process, which removes the pulp and skin from the bean while the fruit is still fresh. The beans are then soaked in enzymes to help loosen the excess pulp. The beans are then washed to remove all excess fruit pulp. This washing process is occasionally done by a machine and is then called demucilage.
Gran Madre Gourmet Coffee
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Gran Madre Gourmet Coffee
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