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Franke Flair Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Franke Flair One-Step offers simplicity and efficiency making your low volume coffee-making experience that much easier. At the touch of a button, make frappuccinos and lattes. This highly portable machine has a self-contained water tank, manual steam wands, and an ergonomic operating panel which combine to make the ideal solution for any type of event.

This super automatic espresso machine has the capacity to make enough for low volume traffic, while also providing easy operation with customized settings and simple handling because it is light-weight.

Franke Flair has many of the features of a mid- or high-volume super automatic espresso machine but is easy enough for anyone to use, even if they have never seen this machine before. With all of the options labeled, the user can simply press a button and the Franke Flair espresso machine will grind and brew a perfect cappuccino, latte or espresso. Operation is truly... read more >>
Franke Flair Super Automatic Espresso Machine
Price: $6,875.00 $6,246.50
Franke Flair Super Automatic Espresso Machine
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