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Franke Evolution 2 Step

The high-volume Franke Evolution 2-Step Super-Automatic Espresso Machine delivers consistent, high quality espresso shots and produces up to 24 individually programmable products including espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and iced drinks. Easy to use/see fully electronic control board with illuminated LCD.

UL- and NSF-approved in both 1-Step (with refrigeration) and 2-Step models, Franke Evolution provides the convenience of Autosteam™ and improves beverage consistency where operator training is a challenge. The Evolution 2-Step is perfect for high output commercial coffee houses by allowing you to produce consistent, high-quality drinks quickly and repeatedly in 2 simple steps. First, press a single or double shot espresso button. Second, press the Autosteam™ button to make foamed milk for cappuccinos and steamed milk for lattes. How is that for quick and easy!

Franke Evolution 2-Step Super-Automatic Espresso Machine details: Fully programmable espresso grind, tamp, temperature, pre-infusion, water volume, extraction time, and more 2 high precision grinders &... read more >>
Franke Evolution 2 Step
Price: $14,000.00 $11,356.55
Franke Evolution 2 Step
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