French Press Coffee Maker

French Press Coffee Maker're looking for truly superior flavor from your coffee? You have come to the right page! CoffeeAM gourmet coffees and blends are exceptional, and there is no better way to savor every drop of goodness than to use a French Press Coffee Maker. The French Press Coffee Maker method is the choice of "cuppers" around the world, and there are several theories on why this method is better. The first is because the water and the coarse coffee grinds interact together for a consistent 2-4 minutes to bring you a consistently perfect brew. The next reason a French Press is better than a drip machine is because there is no interaction with a paper filter. Some feel like a paper filter may steal flavorful oils from the grounds. Our French Presses are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to buy and they are spectacularly designed.

Once this coffee is brewed, it is considered expired within 20 minutes. Serve that to your guests and see if they've ever had fresher coffee! You've had coffee; you've had gourmet coffee; this is the next level and you're going to wonder how you ever did without your own French Press!

Other places may call it a Press Pot, Coffee Press or even a Coffee Plunger. Regardless of the technical name, you're going to call it "Amazing!"
Bodum BRAZIL Coffee Press 3 Cup
Bodum Shin Bistro Coffee Press 3 Cup
Bodum Chambord Style French Press 34oz (8-cup)
Home French Press Kit
Finest French pressed coffee!
Price $48.95
Sale Price $39.95
Deluxe French Press Kit
This set includes everything!
Price: $199.95
Sale Price $149.95
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