Flavorings & Mixes

Flavorings & Mixes
Imagine all the fun you are going to have with our extensive line of flavorings and mixes!

Step out of the box and try something new and adventurous like a splash of Monin peppermint syrup in your iced tea, or how about a drizzle of flavorganics almond syrup atop your freshly made pancakes.

Break up those dog days of summer with a fat free passion fruit frozen smoothie, or turn a snow day into a holiday with a pump of Ghirardelli white chocolate in your espresso!

Not only are these flavorings and mixes easy to use, but we also provide you with recipes! Revive your senses and throw a little something wonderful into your daily routine. Flavorings are perfect for hot and cold teas and coffee, over fruit and breakfast items, in mixed drinks, over cookies and cakes and so much more!

Flavorings and mixes are lots of fun, with little work, and lots of reward!
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Chai Tea
Ready to try something different? Chai tea is your ticket to excitement! Enjoy the exotic spices and sensual flavor that Chai will offer you...hot or cold!
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