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Fetco CBS-71A

The Fetco CBS-71A is perfect for extracting large volumes of gourmet coffee with a simple push of a button. The stainless steel constructed CBS 71A includes a large spray pan for even saturation of the coffee bed, adjustable contact time, bypass features, and a Brew Basket Drawer that provides safe access and quick service for the brew basket. The 71A brews directly into a 6.0 gallon Luxus thermal dispenser which can be moved onto a serving stand in a remote location perfect for staff operation or in a self serve area.

Fetco CBS 71A Features:

Dispenser slide allows for easy safe access and fast rotation of the thermal dispensers Low temperature/No Brew Large spray pan assembly Rinse cycle feature Counterand dispenser sold separately Size:18.0"W x 32.0"D x 48.0"H Weight:239 pounds

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Fetco CBS-71A
Price: Only $6,005.95
Fetco CBS-71A
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