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Fetco 3.0L Airpot

Weighing in at an easy to transport 6lbs, the Fetco 3.0L lever airpot is stainless steel lined so there is no worry about breaking glass. Holding 3 liters, you beverages will stay hot and fresh for up to 4 hours. Easy to take with you, easy to use and easy to clean, Fetco airpot products are valued for the convenience and strength.

  • Fetco 3.0L Airpot is for use with the following Fetco Brewing Systems: CBS-2031E, CBS-2032E, CBS-2031S, CBS-2032S, CBS-2041E, CBS-2042E, CBS-2051E, CBS-2052E, TBS-21A

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  • Fetco 3.0L Airpot
    Price: Only $76.00
    Fetco 3.0L Airpot
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