Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian Coffee
Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, offers beans that are unique and alluring. Add to that the artistry of our in house Roastmaster and we have put together a collection of Ethiopian coffees that are the ultimate in luxury. Choose from 1lb regular gourmet, decaf, blends and wholesale Ethiopian coffee…nobody offers you more!

Coffee is deeply woven into the lives of Ethiopians and the ceremony of coffee is honored and respected and a daily tradition. Take the time to pour your self a cup authentic Ethiopian coffee and immerse yourself in rich coffee history and culture.

These Items Qualify for $5.95 Shipping!

Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Fair-Trade Coffee 1lb (16 oz)
5lb Bag $52.95
1lb Bag $14.50
1lb Sale Price $13.95
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee 1lb (16 oz)
Ethiopia Longberry Coffee 1lb (16 oz)
Decaf Ethiopia Longberry Coffee (1lb Bag)
Mocca-Java (1lb Bag)
5lb Bag $37.50
Decaf Mocca Java (1lb Bag)
5lb Bag $40.00
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