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Over the years there have been many studies revealing the potential health benefits locked away in unroasted coffee. Green bean coffee in it's natural state contains high levels of antioxidant compounds. A recent study conducted by Joe Vinson, PhD, Professor of chemistry, University of Scraton, Scranton, Pa., brought some of these benefits to light. The preliminary findings of his study indicated that compounds found in unroasted coffee could be used as a tool to aid weight loss. The subjects of the study were each given doses of pure green coffee bean extract over a 22-day period. Nothing else in the subject’s normal regiment was changed. Each of the participants experienced weight loss with an average of 17 pounds each. Average body weight was down 10.5% and body fat declined by 16%. Although the study did not answer the question of how green coffee beans benefit weight loss, Dr.... read more >>
Dieter's Coffee ™
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Dieter's Coffee ™
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