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Edelweiss Flavored Decaf Coffee (5lb Bag)

Edelweiss flavored decaf offers you a sweet savory coffee blend of Pralines, Mexican Liqueur, and Swiss Almond flavors. This elegant decaffeinated drink has the sweet sugary taste of creamy pralines mixed in with the smoky essence of Mexican Liqueur and roasted Swiss Almonds. Edelweiss is a true treat for the palate.

This amazing gourmet coffee brew will tempt your cravings for a delicious treat to savor and thatís okay because now you can have all you want by purchasing a wholesale 5lb money saving bag. Go ahead, itís a lot of luxury for a small price tag!

Surrender yourself to the rich flavors of our Edelweiss flavored decaf coffee for a sensational coffee experience. A 5lb heat sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest flavored coffee possible. Your decaffeinated Edelweiss coffee will be fresh roasted the day it ships. Enjoy!

This flavored coffee contains nut extract.
Edelweiss Flavored Decaf Coffee (5lb Bag)
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Edelweiss Flavored Decaf Coffee 5lb Bag