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BUNN AFPO-2 SL (Single Line)

Model # 28400.0004

Catalog Listing: AFPO-2 SL (Single Line)
  • To be used with the Ultra-2 Gourmet Ice Machine.
  • Easy to install.
  • Completely self-contained and electronically controlled.
  • Includes two independent pump and refill probes.
  • Mix range on post-mix model - 1:1 up to 8:1.
  • Separate product and water lines to improve sanitation.

Products are sometimes shown with optional equipment - material choices and/or finishes may affect pricing for items.
Does not include decanters, thermal servers, or airpots.

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BUNN AFPO-2 SL (Single Line)
Only $1,147.95
BUNN AFPO-2 SL Single Line
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