Black Magic Mocha Recipe

Black Magic Mocha Recipe
Enjoy the delicious taste of Black Magic Mocha, the perfect Halloween coffee recipe! Rich and chocolaty, this recipe is so easy, a zombie could do it!

Yield: 1 - 12 oz.


1/2 ounce Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate Sauce

1 ounce Ghirardelli Classic White Flavored Sauce

2 ounces brewed espresso coffee

8 ounces steamed milk


Combine sauces and espresso in 12 oz. mug. Stir until well combined. Pour steamed milk into mug; stir to combine. Top with froth from steamed milk. Sprinkle with Ghirardelli Cocoa or drizzle with Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate Sauce and/or Classic White Flavored Sauce. Sprinkle with toasted chopped hazelnuts, if desired.
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