Authentic (Burlap or Burlap Similar) Coffee Bag

These coffee bags hold between 100-155 lbs. of green coffee. You can use them for gardening, for decoration, as a laundry bag --- you name it. They are super cool, and each bag has the markings of the country of import. We buy coffee from all over the world, so your bag may be from anywhere!

Due to heavy volume for this item we can not guarantee specific country of origins for you. However, if you order more than 1 you are guaranteed no duplications. Start your collection today.
Authentic (Burlap or Burlap Similar) Coffee Bag
Price: Only $8.95
Authentic (Burlap or Burlap Similar) Coffee Bag
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Michelle Christner
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 20, 2015
Love my new addition to my collection!

Pine Level, North Carolina
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Beautiful & Unique Heirlooms
August 16, 2012
Several years ago when Coffee-AM began selling these, I bought up 4 of them and was fortunate enough to get pure Burlap (REAL BURLAP vs Burlap Similar) Coffee Bags. In addition, I was equally fortunate enough to get all 4 from separate countries and 2 of them are from my favorite coffee bean origin countries that I use in my espresso bar's espresso machine. The espresso bar machine cannot be used with *flavored coffee but it works wonders. The flavored coffees such as Snickerdoodle (I believe it's called CookieDoodle now), Creme Brulee, and French Caramel must be made using my French Press because the flavors infused into the beans will cause serious damage to my espresso machine and it is an expensive mid- to high-level espresso machine; however, ordered freshly roasted then stored in a vacuum-sealed/air-removed container, which needs to be consumed within 8 to 10 days to drink it at it's most flavorful before the beans begin going stale. The same is true of other espresso beans I order for my espresso machine with my favorites being Hawaiian Kona Reserve, India Mysore's "Gold Nugget", and French Roast. Because of migraines, many of the coffees I would love to enjoy daily, I can't because the caffeine triggers migraines so I generally add frothed or steamed milk to weaken the caffeine or I order decaf when it's available although sometimes it does detract from culinary delights I prefer; however, it is no picnic spending hours in an emergency room with a rebounding or out-of-control pounding migraine that requires one of the strongest opiate drug injections mixed with another drug to prevent the initial one from making you sick, especially when the injection knocks out the lights for approximately 4-days as life goes on around you while you are oblivious to it. I still buy these wonderful flavors in caffeinated but I am careful not to drink too much at one time and often will split an order with a friend to save on costs as well as splitting the single-pound bags so nothing goes to waste, especially considering my love of espresso coffee is anything but cheap. If I wanted burnt coffee beans that taste horrid and made by employees who have absolutely no barista skills, I'd hop over to a $tarbuck$. I would rather take my chances with the ER doctor giving me one of his infamous, "you know your body cannot handle multiple cups of caffeinated espresso/espresso-based coffees!" speeches right before the nurse injects me with Dilaudid and within 15mins not only has the pick-ax in my head stopped going off but I find myself slipping away as we hurry to get me home to help me get inside and settled before the medicine fully kicks in and I start my Sleeping Beauty routine. The reason I purchased these burlap sacks was to eventually have each custom framed with the assistance of one of my sisters-in-law who is excellent at interior decorating. If it had not been for my husband suffering two massive heart attacks, a stroke, and requiring a quadruple heart bypass that left him hospitalized for a couple months in the CCC-ICU and unable to work afterward as we began our trek through the annals of Social Security's red tape, My sacks would be custom-framed and depending upon the country and imprint on the bags, they would have matting to compliment the color of my kitchen as wall-hangings with the assistance of my SIL as to where to hang them to be enjoyed as both a work of art and a piece of history! I have not given up hope of having them custom-framed at some point in the future then hung in my kitchen. It is simply going to take a bit more time than I initially hoped because custom-framing and choosing matting colors to match my kitchen then figuring out where they will be best suited when hung is a major undertaking due to cost more than anything else. One thing I love most about these 4 burlap coffee sacks is the fact I have 4 of them, which means when the autoimmune diseases Lupus (SLE), Sjogren's Disease, and Fibromyalgia finally begin to cause my organs to shut down, I will have 2 of each of these to pass along to each of my girls and hope they appreciate the beauty within the artwork on the bags as I have over the years. I bring them out every so many years to check on them and then put them back again until I can afford to frame them. Not only will my girls have a set each of something I loved, they will have these beautiful works of art that are slowly dying as burlap is being replaced by other materials though I have no clue why because it's sturdy, easily takes a beating, and still comes out looking beautiful while being durable at the same time. Besides, each of our daughters were raised on what began as the best hot chocolate made from frothed milk from the frothing wand of the espresso machine before moving up to grinding their own beans in the burr grinder then pulling their own shots as well as making their own froth and/or steamed milk and putting their coffee together as I taught them when using the espresso bar when they were old enough to learn along with learning to use the French Press at a much earlier age but well after the "hot chocolate" days when they were children. These are excellent items to pass down to loved ones. Again, it will not be many more years before burlap will be replaced with something inferior and cold rather than durable, warm, and beautiful. It is best to get them now before they are all gone because the only constant is change and sometimes that is not a good thing... These are well worth the price when you consider the history that comes with it.

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