Astoria, Jada (AK) Fully Automatic Espresso/Cappuccino Coffee Machine


The Astoria Jada AK model is a two step fully automatic espresso-cappuccino-latte machine with push button controls along with dual steam wands. The one on the right side is manually operated. The one on the left is automatic and temperature controlled. This device steams or froths milk and prevents under or over heated drinks without the operator's full attention.

Heating Element: 3400 watt
Boiler: 8 qts
Net Weight: 239 lbs
Width: 22.5", Depth: 23", Height: 32"
230 volts / 20.9 amps

One automatic temperature controlled steam wand on the left side
One manual temperature controlled steam wand on the right side

Built-in Motor Pump
Connecting Hoses Included

Weight: 307 lb
Astoria, Jada AK (fully automatic)
$14,900.00 $9,995.00
Astoria, Jada AK fully automatic
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